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September 14, 2010

If you’ve been wondering when I’d have another Special Edition release out, it’s here in October!

Yup—it’s been over a year since my last SE was on the shelves.  (What?)  How time flies when other projects are on the schedule!  WHEN THE COWBOY SAID “I DO” is book four in the new Montana Mavericks Thunder Canyon Cowboys series.  It features a marriage of convenience, a pregnant bride, a roguish hero in a Stetson, and a whole lot of fun and emotion.  This was a really entertaining book to write mainly because of Bo, the hero.  If he really existed, he could probably even talk me into trouble, LOL. 

I know a lot of you like to read a continuity series in order, so click here for a complete list of this one!

Since I’ve got a new release out, there is naturally a new contest for you to enter.  Here’s the prize list:

• The entire collection of the previous Montana Mavericks series (Striking It Rich from 2009), six books in all (This should update the winner on all the previous continuity’s history so you can enjoy Thunder Canyon Cowboys all the more!)
• A nice Bath and Body Works nail kit, which comes in a padded red case and includes fine little tools for keeping your fingers lovely

So come on over to the site to enter!

I just got back from Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and it was as much fun as I anticipated.  I was on three panels—one for the Writer’s Track (“Marketing Yourself”) and two for the dark fantasy track because of my vampire books (“Vampire Ethics” and “Out of the Coffin”).  I was also lucky enough to hang out with some of my favorite authors and friends.  And the costumes?  Pretty amazing, just as they are at Comic-Con, San Diego, which was also a blast.  Of course, no trip for me is complete without a bunch of good food, and I got it in Atlanta at Ray’s in the City (the Parmesan Scallops?  DELISH!) and Mary Mac’s Tea Room (soul food to “mmm” over).  Now that the holidays are coming up, I’m not sure where my next trip will be, but if you’re interested, please check in with me on Twitter, Facebook, or even my blog!

Oh—and just a note about my “second site” for my urban fantasy books… The www.vampirebabylon site has undergone a slight facelift, since I’m now gearing it toward Vampire Babylon as well as my upcoming Bloodlands series, which will be out in August-October of next year.  (I’ve got my titles now, too—book 1 is BLOODLANDS, book 2 is BLOOD RULES, and book 3 is IN BLOOD WE TRUST.)  You can now get to the site by typing in and/or  I’ve turned in all my Bloodlands books by now though, so I’m concentrating on upcoming Special Editions; in fact, you’re going to see three of them in early 2011 with the Billionaire Cowboys, Inc., miniseries, as well as another Montana Mavericks book in October, 2011.

As you’ve probably determined, next year will be crazy as far as releases go.  (Whoo!)  Here’s an updated schedule for the books that will be out the soonest!

• WHEN THE COWBOY SAID “I DO” Montana Mavericks book for Special Edition, October, 2010, written as Crystal Green
• THE PATH OF RAZORS, Vampire Babylon, Book Five, mass market edition, December, 2010, written as Chris Marie Green (The trade editions of NIGHT RISING, Vampire Babylon, Book One, and MIDNIGHT REIGN, Book Two, BREAK OF DAWN, Book Three, A DROP OF RED, Vampire Babylon, Book Four, THE PATH OF RAZORS, Book Five, and DEEP IN THE WOODS, Book Six are on shelves right now.  So is FIRST BLOOD, a Berkley Sensation mass market anthology that contains a Vampire Babylon novella.  NIGHT RISING, MIDNIGHT REIGN, BREAK OF DAWN, and A DROP OF RED are also available in mass market edition at this time.)
• MADE FOR A TEXAS MARRIAGE, Book One in the Cowboy Billionaires, Inc., miniseries for Silhouette Special Edition, January, 2011, written as Crystal Green
• TAMING THE TEXAS PLAYBOY, Book Two in the Cowboy Billionaires, Inc., miniseries for Silhouette Special Edition, March, 2011, written as Crystal Green
• “Soul Stains” in the short story anthology THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS from Edge Press, March, 2011, written as Chris Marie Green
• DEEP IN THE WOODS, Vampire Babylon, Book Six, mass market edition, July, 2011, written as Chris Marie Green

Again, thank you for being on this mailing list and supporting me!  I love writing, and I continually marvel that you like to read my stuff.  : )

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