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Mommy and the MillionaireMOMMY AND THE MILLIONAIRE

Silhouette Special Edition #1887
March 2008
ISBN: 0373248873


As soon as a desperate David Chandler walked into the small-town Laundromat, his stained shirt vanished from his mond. his new focus: the beautiful woman at the center of the Suds Club.

But the dynamic Naomi Shannon wasn't looking for love -- she was four months pregnant, and memories of her failed relationship still stung. Little did seh know her new friend Dave wasn't the regular guy he seemed. On the run from his life as a New York City captain of industry, the big-city tycoon was in search of something to fill the void in his heart. Had he finally found what he was looking for -- or would the relationship come out ruined in the wash.

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Lord help him, he wanted to kiss her.

Throughout dinner, David hadn’t been able to take his eyes off Naomi, with her eyes flashing humor during the Washington, D.C. couple’s stories, with her soft gaze capturing him, with her lips shaped into a smile that dug into him even right now under the moonlight.

As he took her hand in preparation to guide her into the passenger seat, a zing of awareness flew up his arm, spreading heat through him with such speed that his mind raced to catch up.

His chest, his stomach, down to his belly and below…

Heartbeat thudding, David just stood there, hardly knowing what was happening. All the college degrees and business deals in the world hadn’t prepared him to negotiate this, whatever it was.

He’d never felt so unbalanced in his life.

Naomi was watching him now, lips slightly parted, the wind toying with her dark curls. She seemed as confused as he was.

But she also appeared more than interested to see what might happen next.

When she swallowed hard, David couldn’t stop himself from reaching up, resting his fingertips against her cheek. Her skin seemed as soft as the flowers that graced his office lobby daily—petals that fell to the carpet and were picked up by the staff to preserve appearances. He had never stopped to touch those flowers; it was only now that he realized how good they might have felt if he’d just bothered noticing.

“Dave?” she asked, and he didn’t know if she was warning him off or asking him to continue.

Experimentally, he ran his fingers down the slope of her cheekbone. Sensation skated over his flesh, making his breath lodge in his chest.

As his touch drifted down near her mouth, her eyes fluttered closed, her lashes like black fans over her skin. The reaction made her seem so vulnerable, causing a surge of an unidentifiable emotion to well within him.

No, wait. He knew what it was. Protectiveness.

Their dinner conversation had gotten to him, the stories about her being “trash.” He wanted to know what the father of her baby had done to disappoint her, wanted to know his name so he could give an identity to the jerk he wanted to knock upside the head.

But even though David didn’t know her well, he knew enough to realize that she would probably prefer to wage her own battles.

Her eyes opened and, this time, there was a world of heartbreaking questions in her gaze, making him wonder if all her apparent chutzpah was just another act, like the rebel she’d been in her youth.

Yet…no. There was a certain strength in the way she looked at him, too.

“What’re you doing, Dave?” she whispered, as if challenging him. Or maybe, again, she was gracefully telling him to back off.

Why couldn’t he read her now? He wasn’t used to getting scrambled up like this.

“I have no idea what I’m doing, Naomi. No idea at all.”

She hesitated, moonlight playing over her dusky skin. He’d called her “exotic.” So exotic and enticing.

Voice scratched, she continued.

“The way you’re looking right now… I’m not so sure anymore if you’re the harmless, nice guy I assumed you were. You are a good guy, aren’t you?”

There was much more to her question than it seemed. Was she actually asking if he was anything like the man she’d left behind in Kane’s Crossing? Was she asking if David was just as much of a bastard as the father of her baby?

Maybe David used to be a bastard. But he took no satisfaction in that reputation now.

Could he be a good guy?

Brushing his thumb under her bottom lip, he nodded, hoping she’d still see the type of man he yearned to be. A guy who didn’t twist people’s lives around to suit his own needs. A guy who could make up for what he’d done to Lucas and Alicia.

A guy who deserved to be a favorite son again once he returned to his family.

And, because he wanted to earn that so much, he lowered his hand, intending to help her into the car and go on his merry way.

But before he could manage that, she stood on her tiptoes, catching his mouth with hers….


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From the book: Mommy and the Millionaire
By: Crystal Green
Imprint and Series: Silhouette Special Edition
Publication Date: 03/08
ISBN: 0373248873
Copyright: 2008
By: Chris Marie Green
R and TM are trademarks of the publisher.
The edition published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.
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