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A cowboy’s hidden heart…

Silent, strong Boone Ross has a secret, and after beautiful widow Lorena Bell arrives at the ranch where he works, that secret only grows, threatening to consume them both.

The past has always been a step behind Boone, but now it’s coming closer and closer. Is it time to run again, or will he stay and fight for a love that can bring him out of his self-imposed darkness?

This sweet 28,000 word novella takes place during Debra Holland’s BENEATH MONTANA’S SKY, while John Carter is back east choosing a bride.

Written exclusively for Kindle World for Amazon!

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LOVE NOTES: Eight Country Romances

You can pre-order the next Rough and Tumble novella right now, because it’s a part of the Love Notes box set! You get EIGHT country music-themed novels and novellas for the bargain price of .99 at

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Itunes | B&N | Kobo

Love Notes will be released in April, but why not get all those fantastic stories in a bundle now? My Rough and Tumble novella will be titled “Rattled and Rolled,” and it’s going to feature new characters mingling with the old—especially billionaire Ben Hughes from Down and Dirty!


RED WEDDING (A Final Girls Book)

She was the girl from Terror Island…

A survivor of a massacre who’d come home, only to be stalked by blogs and a reputation she couldn’t shake. But Katsu Espinoza just wanted to be normal again, to help other survivors and somehow forget the murderous past.

Then the phone calls started.

She didn’t let those stop her from going to her best friend’s wedding, though, even if the festivities are being held in a dark, eerie mansion that she is just now discovering has a violent past…and many horrific secrets. So when one supposedly dead body appears and no one else is around to witness it, does this mean that Kat is finally going insane from the island? Or has her own chilling history followed her here for a wedding that looks like it’s about to get very bloody…

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NAUGHTY AND NICE, a Rough and Tumble Novella

Everyone at the Rough & Tumble Saloon has a secret…

But Jesse Navarro has a Secret Santa, and she’s about to rock this reclusive, gruff army vet’s world!

At first, Ivy Carroll only wrote to him online, but one night before Christmas, she shows up at the Rough & Tumble Saloon in the flesh, and she has something even naughtier than a regular gift exchange in mind with this sexy bad boy. A something that’s perfectly suited for some wicked nights in Sin City...

Available for Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Google Play | Kobo

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WET AND WILD, a Rough and Tumble Prequel

Out Now!

Everyone at the Rough & Tumble Saloon has a secret…

When Reece Marlow, the ex water polo Olympian athlete, hit Las Vegas, he hit it hard—gambling, carousing, and making it a point to have sex at every Sin City landmark. Some might say he’s trying to play away the emptiness he feels from leaving his superstar career behind, but Reece is fending off even bigger secrets—ones that could potentially ruin his high-flying, endorsement-filled life.

When he meets Talia McCarter at the Rough & Tumble, he doesn’t know that she’s fighting her own inner demons, but these two are bound to light the desert nights on fire with their hot romance—and maybe find love in the flames...

Available for: Kindle | iBooks | Nook

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Out Now!

It all started with a good-time cruise at sea…

When diver Katsu Espinoza is invited on a shark-cage expedition by her billionaire mentor, she’s definitely up for some adventure, even if it means spending time with his greedy heirs. Then she sees who the captain is—Will Ashton, the betraying ex-boyfriend who’d once shattered her heart. And as if that isn’t unexpected enough, her mentor decides that she’s going to inherit the millions of dollars that were supposed to go to his family!

…and turned into hell on earth when they got to the island.

Suddenly, Kat is the girl who swept in to steal a frail old man’s inheritance. Then a storm hits, stranding all of them on a deserted island, forcing them to survive in a paradise gone deadly, because it seems that someone here hasn’t forgotten the money; they’re murdering victims with gruesome precision—and Will, with his secretive ways, is at the top of Kat’s growing list of suspects. And that list is getting horrifically whittled down one…by one…by one…

Available for: Kindle | Print at CreateSpace | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | Mysterious Galaxy

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Written as Chris Marie Green




Two very different stories about finding the right guy…

YES GIRL by Chris Marie Green

In this lighthearted, chick-litty college tale, Stephanie and her friends always protect each other from dating and basic social disasters, but after they go to a party where the games are sassy and the guys are hot, Steph makes a wrong move and needs a little help from her friends…

BEAUTIFUL MUSICIAN by Sheri Whitefeather

In this sweepingly romantic novella, the hero is an up-and-coming musician, a so-called bad boy.  He’s also madly, painfully in love with Abby Winston. Every wild-hearted song he writes is for her. She’s a troubled girl, but he’s a mixed-up guy, too. Together, they are heading down a turbulent path, where things aren’t always what they seem. But that doesn’t change the true love that’s between them.

***These stories contain adult content and aren’t intended for readers under 18. The bundle also includes excerpts from Chris’ THE SHE CODE and Sheri’s BEAUTIFUL CONFUSION.***

Available at Amazon | iBooks | Kobo

First Love True Love


September 2013

Chris Marie Green brings you a New Adult Single Girl short story about the lighter side of angst! If you enjoyed reading THE SHE CODE, you’ll also have a good time with another group of girls who learn the occasionally tough rules of living single while going from party to party and guy to guy.

Every girl should know the rules, and in this novelette, you’ll see how Stephanie and her friends always protect each other from dating and basic social disasters after they go to a party where the games are sassy and the guys hot...until Steph makes a wrong move and needs a little help from her friends!

(This short story contains fun, flirting, saucy language, and the promised awkward situations that all of us encounter.)

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Yes Girl

THE SHE CODE (New Adult Single Girl)

August 2013
Featuring sketches and comic panels by Billy Martinez of Neko Press Comics.

“I suspected my friendship with Sheila was doomed on the night she blew my boyfriend....”

Meet Mandy Halsey, fresh out of college and determined to go from being a receptionist at the assembly line comic book house where she works to being a real-live penciler by the end of the year. That’s the plan, anyway.

But life isn’t cooperating. First, her job feels like a dead end. Second, her personal life isn’t exactly on fire, either, especially since her best friend seems to be moving in on every guy who catches Mandy’s eye. Is it just Mandy’s imagination or has Sheila totally changed since graduation, becoming someone who’s almost a stranger?

No way, because the BFFs grew up with The She Code. See, girls have rules with each other, so surely the friend Mandy grew up with wouldn’t ever break the Code—and break Mandy’s heart at the same time...

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THE SHE CODE, a new adult/chick lit/geek lit hybrid, is all about the bright side of angst—because there definitely is one!

She Code

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