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A guide to every series to which Crystal has contributed

Aidan Falls, a new adult romance series (written as Crystal Green, from Berkley InterMix)
•Prequel novelette: Whisper – January, 2015
•Book one: Honeytrap – February, 2015
•Book two: Sugarbaby – May, 2015

Rough and Tumble series (written as Crystal Green, from Berkley InterMix)
•Prequel: Wet and Wild
•Book one: Rough and Tumble – July 2014
•Book two: Down and Dirty – October 2014
•Book three: Hot and Bothered – March, 2015
•Book four (Novella): Naughty and Nice – Holidays, 2015

Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire (Penguin/Roc, written as Chris Marie Green)
•Book one: Only the Good Die Young (February 4, 2014)
•Book two: Another One Bites the Dust (November, 2014)
•Book three: Every Breath You Take (April 7, 2015)

The She Code books (written as Chris Marie Green)
The She Code - summer 2013, self-published, available as e-book and on CreateSpace print
Yes Girl (A She Code Short Story) – self-published e-short story
Roommate from Hell (A She Code Novella) – self-published e-novella
Best Friend Ever (A She Code Novella) – self-published e-novella

Harlequin Blaze Duet (Crystal Green)
•Book One: Lead Me On - July 2013
•Book Two: Mystery Date - September 2013

Montana Mavericks: Southern Invasion (Harlequin Special Edition)
•Book One: Her New Year’s Fortune by Allison Leigh - January 2013
•Book Two: A Date with Fortune by Susan Crosby - February 2013
•Book Three: A Small Fortune by Marie Ferrarella - March 2013
•Book Four: Mary Me Mendoza by Judy Duarte - April 2013
•Book Five: Expecting Fortune’s Heir by Cindy Kirk - May 2013
•Book Six - A Change in Fortune by Crystal Green - June 2013

St.Valentine, Texas (Harlequin Special Edition, Crystal Green)
•Book One: Courted by the Texas Millionaire - May 2012
•Book Two: Daddy in the Making - September 2012
•Book Three: The Cowboy’s Pregnant Bride - February 2013

Montana Mavericks: The Texans Are Coming! (Silhouette Special Edition)
•Book One: Resisting Mr. Tall, Dark & Texan by Christine Rimmer - July 2011
•Book Two: The Baby Wore a Badge by Marie Ferrarella - August 2011
•Book Three: His Country Cinderella by Karen Rose Smith - September 2011
•Book Four: The Hard-To-Get Cowboy by Crystal Green - October 2011
•Book Five: A Maverick for Christmas by Leanne Banks - November 2011
•Book Six: Her Montana Christmas Groom by Teresa Southwick - December 2011

Billionaire Cowboys, Inc.  (Silhouette Special Edition, Crystal Green)
•Book one:  Made for a Texas Marriage - January 2011
•Book two: Taming the Texas Playboy – March 2011
•Book three: The Texas Tycoon’s Baby – June 2011

Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon Cowboys (Silhouette Special Edition)
•Book one: McFarlane’s Perfect Bride by Christine Rimmer - July 2010
•Book two: Taming the Montana Millionaire by Teresa Southwick - August 2010
•Book three: From Doctor…to Daddy by Karen Rose Smith - September 2010
•Book four: When the Cowboy Said, “I Do” by Crystal Green – October 2010
•Book five: Thunder Canyon Homecoming by Brenda Harlen – November 2010
•Book six: A Thunder Canyon Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne – December 2010

The Foleys and the McCords (Silhouette Special Edition)
•Book one: The Texas Billionaire's Bride by Crystal Green - July 2009
•Book two: The Texas Bodyguard's Proposal by Karen Rose Smith - August 2009
•Book three: Texas Cinderella by Victoria Pade - September 2009
•Book four: The Texas CEO's Secret by Nicole Foster - October 2009
•Book five: The Texan's Diamond Bride by Teresa Hill - November 2009
•Book six: The Texas Tycoon's Christmas Baby by Brenda Harlen - December 2009

Kane’s Crossing (Silhouette Special Edition)
•Book one: The Pregnant Bride (ISBN: 0-373-24440-1, SE # 1440))
•Book two: His Arch Enemy’s Daughter (ISBN: 0-373-24455-X, SE #1455)
•Book three: The Stranger She Married (ISBN: 0-373-24498-3, SE #1498)
•Book four: There Goes the Bride (ISBN: 0-373-24522-X, SE #1522)
•Book five: The Black Sheep Heir (ISBN: 0-373-24587-4, SE #1587)

*At this time, Crystal hasn’t been contracted for any more KC books.

Montana Mavericks (the six-book Invisible Man cycle in Rumor, Montana; continuity written in conjunction with other authors) (Silhouette Special Edition except for Double Destiny, which is a Silhouette Books release)
•Prequel: Double Destiny, written by Crystal Green and Judy Duarte (ISBN: 0-373-21859-1)
•Book one: Moon over Montana by Jackie Merritt (July, 2003, SE #1550)
•Book two: Marry Me, Again by Cheryl St. John (August, 2003, SE #1558)
•Book three: Big Sky Baby by Judy Duarte (September, 2003, SE #1563)
•Book four: The Rancher’s Daughter by Jodi O’Donnell (October, 2003, SE #1568)
•Book five: Her Montana Millionaire by Crystal Green (November, 2003, SE #1574)
•Book six: Sweet Talk by Jackie Merritt (December, 2003, SE #1580)

The Wycliffe, Texas books (Silhouette Special Edition—no series flash indicates a connection between these books)
•Book one: The Millionaire’s Secret Baby (ISBN: 0-373-24668-4, SE #1668)
•Book two: The Last Cowboy (ISBN: 0-373-24752-4, SE #1752)

*At this time, another sequel featuring Carlota is an option….

The Fortunes of Texas: Reunion in-line trilogy (Silhouette Special Edition) (a continuity written in conjunction with other authors)
•Book one: Her Good Fortune by Marie Ferrarella (February, 2005)
•Book two: A Tycoon in Texas by Crystal Green (March, 2005, SE # 1670)
•Book three: In a Texas Minute by Stella Bagwell (April, 2005, SE, #1677)

Blossom County Fair (Silhouette Romance) (a continuity written in conjunction with other authors)
•Book one: A Bride for a Blue-Ribbon Cowboy by Judy Duarte (July, 2005, #1776)
•Book two: Flirting with Fireworks by Teresa Carpenter (August, 2005, #1780)
•Book three: The Sheriff Wins a Wife by Jill Limber (September, 2005, #1784)
•Book four: Her Gypsy Prince by Crystal Green (October, 2005, #1789)

Most Likely To… (Silhouette Special Edition) (a continuity written in conjunction with other authors)
•Book one: The Homecoming Hero Returns by Joan Elliott Pickart (July, 2005)
•Book two: The Beauty Queen’s Makeover by Teresa Southwick (August, 2005)
•Book three: Measure of a Man by Marie Ferrarella (September, 2005)
•Book four: The Pregnancy Project by Victoria Pade (October, 2005)
•Book five: Secrets of a Good Girl by Jen Safrey (November, 2005)
•Book six: Past Imperfect by Crystal Green (December, 2005, SE #1724)

For a Good Time Call… (Harlequin Blaze) (a continuity written in conjunction with other authors)
•Book one: Innuendo by Crystal Green (ISBN: 0-373-79265-4, July, 2006, Blaze #261)
•Book two: Indulge by Nancy Warren (September, 2006)
•Book three: Infatuation by Alison Kent (November, 2006)

Vampire Babylon (Ace/Berkely, written as Chris Marie Green)
•Book one: Night Rising (February, 2007)
•Book two: Midnight Reign (February, 2008)
•Extra: First Blood anthology from Berkley Sensation, including a Vampire Babylon novella
•Book three: Break of Dawn (Fall, 2008)
•Book four: A Drop of Red (March, 2009)
•Book five: Path of Razors (August, 2009)
•Book six: Deep in the Woods (March, 2010)
•Extra: Those Who Fight Monsters anthology from EDGE Books, short story “Soul Stains”
•”Raising the Darkness” (A Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon novella), reissue of novella from Undead for a Day anthology
•”In Bad Spirits” (A Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon novella), reissue of novella from Strange Spirits anthology

Spin off series: Lilly Meratoliage Novels (a character who was featured in A Drop of Red, The Path of Razors, Deep in the Woods, and Raising the Darkness)
Kicking It, an urban fantasy anthology from Penguin Roc, “The Girl with No Name” is a Lilly Meratoliage novelette
Shadows Till Sunrise, a full-length Lilly Meratoliage novel


Montana Mavericks: Striking It Rich (a six-book cycle in Thunder Canyon , Montana; continuity written in conjunction with other authors)
•Book one: The Man Who Had Everything by Christine Rimmer (July, 2007, 0-373-24837-7)
•Book two: Paging Dr . Right by Stella Bagwell (August, 2007, 0-373-24843-1)
•Book three: Her Best Man by Crystal Green (September, 2007, 0-373-28098-X)
•Book four: I Do! I Do! by Pamela Toth (October, 2007, 0-373-28103-X)
•Book five: A Family for the Holidays by Victoria Pade, November, 2007, 0-373-24861-X)
•Book six: A Cowboy Under Her Tree by Allison Leigh (December, 2007, 0-373-24869-5)