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Beloved Bachelor Dad


Silhouette Special Edition #1374
January 2001
ISBN: 037324374X

Tales of a Seventh-Grade Matchmaker…

Wow…this matchmaking business is pretty cool. All it took was some misbehaving in class to bring my gorgeous teacher and my bachelor dad together! But gimme a break, do they really expect me to believe that Ms. Murray comes over just to tutor me? She and my dad are obviously crazy about each other. Except they refuse to admit it.

See, my dad is afraid to let a woman get close to us again…and Ms. Murray has been hurt real bad in the past. But deep down, I know we’re all meant to be a family. Dad smiles more when Ms. Murray’s around…and she’s the kind of mom I always wanted but never had. Now I just have to make sure they get hitched!

Trent Brody

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